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Corner is the porcelain stoneware shower tray ideal for an environment with a refined design that creates a unique and stylish bathroom area.

The elegance of a porcelain stoneware shower tray

A fully customisable product in terms of size, surfaces and graphics available, relying on the wide range of tiles from our collections in various stone effects, cement and metal can be combined with wall or floor coverings in the same material to create seamless surfaces

Un prodotto completamente personalizzabile in termini di misure, superfici e grafiche disponibili grazie all’ampia gamma di piastrelle della nostra collezione; i vari effetti pietra, cemento e metallo abbinabili ai rivestimenti o ai pavimenti dello stesso materiale creano superfici con mirabili soluzioni di continuità

Refined finishes and maximum customisation

Corner is a shower tray made entirely in porcelain stoneware with a lightened panel structure and an inspectable drain outlet. Completely custom finished on four sides, it is suitable for both floor and flush-fitting with heights from 30mm to 60mm. The drain can be positioned on all four sides according to the customer’s needs, and is included in a chrome finish.

Dettaglio corner piatto doccia

Corner shower tray info sheets

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