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Washbasin tops with integrated bowl

Designed to be highly reliable and effective in any context

A versatile design for maximum customisation

Versatility is the strength of Nami Bath washbasin tops, as is the variety of styles to which they can adapt

La versatilità è il punto di forza dei top lavabi Nami Bath, così come la varietà di stile a cui essi possono adattarsi

The great possibility to customise these fittings allows a great variety of furnishing possibilities to suit every need.

The washbasin tops with integrated basin include fully customizable sizes and finishes  , outlining both compact models with a thin structure and products with a wider and longer surface than the integrated basin which create a surface that can be used as a support.

Stoneware can be synonymous with maximum reliability and durability

The reliability of Ultra-thin Porcelain Stoneware promises safety and durability, guaranteeing a product that lasts over time while maintaining both the liveliness of the colors and the elegance of the shapes unchanged.

L’affidabilità del Grès Ultrasottile promette sicurezza e resistenza, garantendo un prodotto che dura nel tempo mantenendo immutati sia la vivacità dei colori sia l’eleganza delle forme.

Their rectangular shape and the durability, thanks to the absolute reliability of ultra-thin porcelain stoneware, mean it creates elements of absolute value.

The washbasins are available wall-mounted or free-standing on any surface, from wood to stone, glass to marble, and even stoneware itself, adapting to them as if they were a single piece.

Here you will find Nami Bath washbasin tops with integrated bowl


Countertop washbasin with integrated bowl in porcelain stoneware. Ideal for a bathroom with a sophisticated, welcoming style.

lavabo simply


Top with integrated washbasin in porcelain stoneware Symbol of pure simplicity, and ideal for a delicate, essential bathroom design.


Washbasin top with integrated basin obtained from two sloping sides opposed to two perpendicular ones, equipped with a functional rim that can be used to install a countertop mixer tap, or as a convenient countertop.

Steel Bottom

Box top with integrated porcelain stoneware washbasin. Even colour
makes it elegant and refined, and ideal in a rustic yet minimalist environment.

Basic Nami Bath


Customisable washbasin top with integrated bowl in ultra-thin stoneware. With its minimalist style, Basic is ideal for any room, guaranteeing style and a unique look.


Bespoke size bathroom washbasin top with integrated stainless steel bowl, made in porcelain stoneware Its unique design makes it an eye-catching element in any environment, from minimal to sophisticated.


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