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Complementary fittings

Bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories by Nami Bath

Not just shower trays and washbasin tops

In collaboration with Studio Solido, Nami Bath has created a series of accessories to complete its bathroom furnishings.

In collaborazione con lo Studio Solido, Nami Bath ha creato una serie di accessori per completare l’arredamento del bagno.

Attention to detail and the possibility of combining materials and finishes with both wall coverings and furniture units have made it possible to complete and define all the facets of the bathroom space, and meet the most diverse requirements.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings


Bathroom cabinet made of poplar plywood, veneered with eucalyptus with aesthetic cross fitting that can be combined with other Nami accessories to create an elegant, sophisticated bathroom setting.


Bathroom furniture in matt lacquered plywood (inside/outside) with front also available in ceramic stoneware with aesthetic cross-shaped accessory; the versatility of the finishes and materials that can be used make it possible to have a bathroom that is absolutely ready-to-go.

Bathroom accessories

Specchio bagno Oval


Oval mirror with elegant, retro design with a finish and material that can be matched to the entire bathroom setting.

Mensola Shelf


A shelf completely covered with stoneware, which can be manufactured in different heights and depths to create a useful, elegant bathroom space for all your toiletries.


Oval mirror with shelf that adapts to any surface, ideal in adding uniqueness to even small rooms.


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