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Tops for washbasins and countertop washbasins

A simple but elegant linear style that gives the room harmony and a unique style!

A minimalist design and perfect colour combinations

With their simple, yet elegant linear design, Nami Bath countertop washbasins give the room harmony and a unique style that fits perfectly in any bathroom setting.

I top lavabi in appoggio Nami Bath, grazie alla loro linearità semplice ed elegante, donano all’ambiente armonia e unicità, integrandosi perfettamente nello stile del bagno.

Oval or rectangular in shape, Nami Bath washbasins stand out perfectly on any surface: coordinated with the bathroom finish or completely different, resting on wooden, stone or stoneware countertops.

The washbasins always guarantee class and uniqueness in every context, thanks also to the even colouring of the bowl with the washbasins which lends prestige and harmony in all desired environments.

Lavabo in appoggio fold nero lavabo in appoggio fold bianco
lavabo in appoggio Plano new

Stoneware can be synonymous with maximum reliability and durability

Not only beauty but a clean-cut look! The ultra-thin stoneware and highly professional treatment of the materials make Nami Bath washbasins and washbasin tops high-quality, reliable products that are resistant to shocks, stains and infiltrations.

Non solo bellezza e pulizia visiva! Il grès ultrasottile e il trattamento altamente professionale dei materiali rendono i lavabi e i piani per lavabi Nami Bath prodotti di alta qualità ed affidabilità, resistenti ad urti, macchie e ad infiltrazioni.

Nami Bath countertop and washbasins are also highly customisable from size to finish, offering the possibility of having a bathroom that is even in colour or finish, or freeing your imagination by playing with different shades and styles.

Whatever the style, Nami Bath will make the bathroom an exclusive place, with washbasins and countertops that will last without ever losing their shine and charm.

See Nami Bath tops for washbasins and countertop washbasins here

New wash house lavabo in appoggio

New Wash House

An eclectic design featuring an elegant minimalist ceramic shape, makes it suitable for any bathroom style; from modern to classic!

lavabo in appoggio Plano


Essentiality and elegance are the two elements that distinguish Plano, in addition to the endless possibilities for customisation!

lavabo in appoggio fold


Practicality and elegance are the two elements that make Fold stand out, thanks to the special finishes that lend class and luxury to the bathroom setting.


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