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the material and stylistic evolution of bathroom furniture

Why we chose ultra-thin stoneware

Ultra-thin stoneware is the first surface that combines reduced thickness and large dimensions with beautiful finishes and high technical characteristics that make it an advanced quality product.

Thanks to these characteristics and the ease of processing, ultra-thin stoneware slabs are an important tool for customising interior spaces and furnishing elements. The large format, combined with the lightness resulting from the reduced thickness, make this material suitable for covering tops, washbasins, shower trays, floors and walls.

Matchable textures

Possibility to coordinate colours of floor and wall tiles, shower tray and sink.

Resistant to wear and tear

Resistant to wear and scratches, it cleans easily and does not yellow over time.

Highly customisable

Compared to acrylics commonly used in bathroom furnishings, it allows for a greater choice of colours and textures.

All the advantages of stoneware for bathroom furnishings

Hygienic surface
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Compact surface with no surface porosity (water absorption 0.1% as average value)
Dimensional stability
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Resistant to heat and high temperatures
Resistant to fungi and mould
Stain resistant
Resistant to cleaning products and detergents
Resistant to chemicals, acids, bases and solvents
Resistant to thermal shock
Frost resistant
Resistant to wear and tear
UV-resistant, no discolouration

Nami craftsmanship enhances the potential of stoneware

Nami Bath has been processing and transforming various materials for over 20 years.

Nami Bath, da oltre 20 anni, si occupa della lavorazione e trasformazione di diversi materiali.

Combining the most modern technologies for cutting, drilling and shaping even ultra-thin stoneware multiplies the possibilities of using this material.

The high degree of industrialisation achieved, combined with the sophisticated level of craftsmanship that characterises our work, allows us to create ‘tailor-made’ products for the customer.

A design synergy with OLOS by Ceramiche Caesar

The company’s more than 20 years of experience is enhanced by its collaboration with OLOS.

L’esperienza più che ventennale dell’azienda viene arricchita dalla collaborazione con OLOS.

Olos, the Ceramiche Caesar brand (a leading manufacturer of porcelain stoneware made in Italy) was created to enhance the use of stoneware slabs as a furnishing finish: this synergy provides NAMI with an aesthetically and technically advanced material.


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